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Welcome to Bimini Island  - Shark Diving

Welcome to Bimini Island - Shark Diving

If you came for sharks and shark diving we got you covered.

Welcome to Bimini Bull Run and the Bull Sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) of Bimini Island, Bahamas your new hub for safe shark diving adventures with all kinds of sharks. Since the late 1930’s Bimini Big Game Club has been home to the great fishing legends like Ernest Hemmingway and Zane Grey and quite a few resident Bull Sharks.

The reason for that have been world record shattering Wahoo, Bluefin Tuna, Marlin, and Swordfish which have been brought to this marina for the past 60 years. Waiting for their chance at the cleaning table scraps of these ocean giants were Bimini Big Game Clubs year round dockside residents - the Bull Sharks.

Resident Bull Sharks

It is quite common to find sharks where fish cleaning stations are present. Our sharks are well known and generations of them have come to call the marinas of Bimini home. They gather at this special site on a daily basis which provides a remarkable opportunity for shark researchers to tag and study them and for the public to cage dive with these wild animals at the world’s first dockside shark diving site.

Bahamas Shark Diving Packages

Bahamas Shark Diving Packages

Discover the Bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) of the Bahamas this year. We created this site for ease of access and to introduce the world to sharks. Best of all you do not have to diver certified to do it and it is completely safe. We're just a 30 minute flight from the mainland or just steps from your private yacht here at Bimini Big Game Club in Alice Town, Bimini, Bahamas and we'll get you face to face with Bull sharks - guaranteed.

Your next shark adventure is as easy as calling 800.867.4764

Bimini Big Game Club offers weekend Shark Diving Getaway Packages with included rooms and a complimentary sunset cocktail at Sharky’s Bar located at Bimini Bull Run where you can watch people shark dive day and night and enjoy the laid back scene of sunset shark drinks in paradise.

You can go offshore and dive with Tigers, Lemon, Reef sharks or stay in the marina and cage dive with Bull Sharks, think of us as your one-stop-shop for all you safe shark diving needs.



Let's go shark diving!

Single Dive

  • 1 x 30 min dive
  • Free drink @ Sharkys Bar
  • Safe for kids 6+
  • Camera rental available

Group / Package Rates

  • Up to 6 dives per day
  • Free T-shirt
  • Multiple species + Offshore Sites
  • Dive 'n' Stay Available
Film and TV - Bull Run

Film and TV - Bull Sharks at Bull Run

Need a quick site to film sharks in Bimini, Bahamas? You're in luck, we built one...and it has a very cool float plane.

You have come to the right place for productions with sharks. For the past decade the talented underwater team at Bimini Bull Run have been enabling unique film, television, and commercial moments underwater with sharks. You have probably seen our work.

For productions on budget, productions with non certified talent, and productions looking for what we call, 'The Shark Bump,' the rise in ratings when sharks are part of programming Bimini Bull Run is your answer. For the past decade we have been enabling productions with sharks and keeping the talent safe.

Get more information on our production capabilities here.

Shark Conservation - Shark Diving Support

Bimini Bull Run Shark Conservation

Sharks are under siege all over the world.

Protected waters

The Bahamas declared its entire territorial waters as a Shark Sanctuary in 2011. It was a stunning declaration and one that lead the way for other countries to do the same. Commercial shark fishing in the approximately 630,000 square kilometers (243,244 square miles) of the country’s waters is now prohibited.

Conservation Partnership

The Shark-Free Marina Initiative is a proud partner of Bimini Bull Run and in tandem with Bimini Big Game Club is putting aside a percentage of each shark dive into a General Research Fund to help regional shark projects get the funding they need to help study the sharks of the Bahamas and beyond. Our goals are to educate future generations to the plight of sharks around the world by allowing guests to visit with the Ambassador Sharks of Bimini here at the Big Game Club.

Shark Dive Responsibility and Safety

Shark Diving
Responsibility & Safety

We take shark diving seriously at Bimini and always have. The team here at BBR have been working with sharks for the past decade in the Bahamas. We see sharks as they are, top predators, not playthings, not toys, and not a resource that we can abuse.

Sharks are wild animals, they are magnificent, and they must be treated with respect - always.

At Bimini Bull Run our goals were simple, bring the world of wild sharks to as many people as we could and hopefully they will come to understand these animals, their eco systems, and the wild places they live in as places we need to protect for future generations.

Getting to Bimini Island

Getting to Bimini
It's just the start of your adventure!

A vacation to the Bahamas conjures up ideas of beauty and bliss - and with a little planning, that's exactly what you'll get. Knowing what to expect makes all the difference for a successful stay - and these travel tips and practical etiquette pointers will help ensure that your welcome in the Bahamas stays as warm as the weather.

You have several options of travel, each with their own charm. Click here to learn how to get there!

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